Tuesday, May 22, 2012

21 May 2012


Jeremy lost his first tooth tonight!

His tooth had been a bit wobbly for a while, but became much looser thanks to being hit in the mouth with a soccer ball at lunchtime today. He was worried about his tooth falling out during his swimming lesson this afternoon, but was happy to go swimming when told that his teacher would be able to dive down and retrieve it if required!  But his tooth waited until the middle of dinner to come out, and Jeremy was pleased to be given lots of frozen jelly pencils and grapes to stop the bleeding.

19 May 2012


Thanks to Camp Quality, we had an enjoyable outing to the zoo today. It was Jeremy's first time to Taronga Zoo and he ran around giving the animals a rating!

Animal exhibit ratings out of 10. Lowest score is 1 and maximum is 10

Alligators - 1
Birds - 2
Corroboree frogs - 4
Reptile World (snakes, lizards etc) - 10 (started with an inert Komodo Dragon but got better ...)
Giraffes - 8
Chimpanzees - 8
Bongo 6
Barbary Sheep - Missing?
Himalayan Tahr - 1 (they were very stinky!)
Meerkats - 6 (not very exciting and not that many – better at Mogo Zoo)
Pygmy Hippopotamus - 2
Dhole - 6
Fennec Foxes - 6
Snow Leopards - 8
Tigers - 10 (one walked around a bit)
Lions - 6 (they were lying around and didn’t get up)
Gorillas - 1
Seal Show - 10
Elephants - 8 (although they were stinky!)
Bird Show - 8 (although his parents thought it was much more interesting and exciting than the Seal Show)
Tortoises - 4
Red Pandas - 1 (couldn’t see any)
Tropical Aviary - 1
Deer - 1 (stinky Bambi!)
Malayan Tapirs - 1
Binturongs - 2
Otters - 1 (in hiding)
Fishing Cats - 4
Penguins - 10
Sky Safari ride - 10

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birthdays and all

It was with great joy that we were able to help Jeremy celebrate his 7th birthday with his family. We continue to thank God for his healing, and that we can enjoy watching our little boy grow up, tantrums and all :)