Monday, April 6, 2009

6 April 2009

Since last week, Jeremy has been taking the chemo drug Cytarabine, which is given into his central line for 4 days a week. This morning he went to hospital for a lumbar puncture and his dose of Cytarabine. Tomorrow and the 2 days after that, the hospital community nurse can come to our place and give him his Cytarabine so that he can go to preschool etc. We hope that this week he doesn't spike a fever from the Cytarabine, and also that his blood counts are OK so that he won't need a blood transfusion on Thursday.

Stephanie's photo has appeared on the Oncology Children's Foundation website in relation to an article about the Sydney Swans, Ryan O'Keefe and their GOAL 4 A GOAL program which starts next week - the Sydney Swans are asking people to donate 50c for every goal that they kick in the 2009 season! Click here for more details.

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