Sunday, March 28, 2010

27 March 2010


Circus day

The Children's Circus Extravaganza was held under the big top. We were able to attend this year thanks to Cure Our Kids. The Rotary Club of Liverpool West arranged it, and the circus was located in a corner paddock on the Liverpool Catholic Club grounds.

It was similar to last year's circus in that it did not involve animals. However, the acts were different, and this time plastic seats were just placed over grass (as opposed to being indoors). Being in a tent, it started getting quite warm - you could see the clown sweating under the lights.

The show was two 45minute sessions with a short interval that cleverly plugged the jumping castle offering outside. Our children especially liked the two aerial ribbon acrobats, the aerial hoop artist, and the hula hoop performer who kept 4 hoops twirling around her body. In fact, Jeremy announced that he wanted to be one of the aerial ribbon acrobats!

We were really thankful that the fever has disappeared, as if we had to go to hospital, we would have missed out on this (you get stuck in hospital for a minimum 48 hours).

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