Thursday, July 8, 2010

7 July 2010


Thanks to all who have been praying for Jeremy!

Having fasted since last night, he was very hungry by the time it was his turn to have his special medical sleep around 1pm today - and he gobbled up lots of sushi, chips and cereal when he woke up! This time he was able to have his third set of childhood immunisations while he was asleep, thus avoiding the trauma of 2 additional needles. We should know the results of his bone marrow aspirate in a week or so.

While he was waiting at hospital to have his general anaesthetic, he went to the allergy clinic to have a skin prick test. Praise God that his new immune system is much less allergic than his old one! He only developed small lumps for the histamine control, one type of mould, and peanuts - there was no reaction for dairy, egg white, egg yolk, and lots of other types of nuts. We will speak to the immunologist later this week, but it seems that the next step will be some challenge tests under hospital supervision to determine that he has truly "lost" his food allergies when he had his bone marrow transplant.

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