Wednesday, October 13, 2010

13 October 2010


Thankfully Jeremy had no more fevers, and was able to have his bone marrow aspirate today!

We had a pleasant surprise when we went to hospital clinic. Instead of having to wait until the end of the general anaesthetic list as per usual (because he had ESBL), Jeremy had his procedure soon after we arrived at 10am! The head nurse had decided that as Jeremy was not incontinent etc, he did not pose an infection risk to the other oncology patients and could have his turn according to his age (which is how the list is usually arranged).

Jeremy was excited about this on 2 counts - one was that he could eat breakfast earlier (rather than having to starve until lunchtime), and the other was that he was allowed to watch DVDs on the big TV inside oncology clinic (when usually we are made to wait outside clinic or kept in isolation after his bone marrow aspirates).

While he was having his special medical sleep, the nurse also took a large amount of blood for the rest of his "12 month bloods". The bone marrow transplant doctor had kindly organised this to save him the trauma of having lots of tubes of blood taken while awake!

Although we had finished at clinic much earlier than expected, we still had to wait around until 2.15pm to see the ENT doctor. Jeremy enjoyed lunch at the Bear Bite cafe and then played at the hospital playground.

It wasn't until 2.55pm when we actually saw the ENT doctor, who cleaned out the wax in Jeremy's ears. However, he was not worried about the gunk in his middle ear - he was more concerned with Jeremy's high frequency hearing loss and referred him to the Australian Hearing services for follow-up.

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