Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11 May 2011


A while ago, Jeremy had asked BaBa to take him to his next bone marrow aspirate, and was very pleased when BaBa arranged to take the day off work to drive him to hospital today. Although he was again last on the general anaesthetic list (because of his ESBL), Jeremy didn't complain and played iPad, cooking toys and Lego while he was waiting. Thankfully, his turn came at 11.30am - nearly an hour earlier than the previous time.

Jeremy wanted BaBa to hold the "happy gas" mask while he drifted off into his "special medical sleep". This time there were no problems when he woke up, and he made the nurses envious with his delicious smelling breakfast/morning tea/lunch of chicken burger and hot chips from the hospital cafe.

We will hopefully know the results of his bone marrow aspirate sometime next week, and his next bone marrow aspirate has been scheduled for Wednesday 17 August 2011.

In relation to his daily peanut dose, Jeremy has surprised us by suddenly declaring that he will eat 3 Peanut M&Ms every morning - and then proceeding to do so, chocolate and all!

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