Thursday, April 19, 2012

18 April 2012


Jeremy went to hospital clinic this morning for a 6 monthly checkup. His physical exam was OK and he was pleased that he didn't need a blood test! However, the doctor told us that the dentist had ordered an X-ray of his mouth because still has all his baby teeth, so we went to medical imaging afterwards. The radiologist will report back to the dentist, who will then discuss his results with the doctor.

Jeremy also had a skin prick test for peanut and egg. He had a tiny reaction to peanut, but we are not concerned as he is still eating his medicinal dose of Peanut M&Ms on a regular basis. There was no reaction to egg, but this was to be expected - after all, he had eaten fried egg white for breakfast (he refuses to eat the egg yolk!).

His next visit to hospital clinic will be his 3 year post-transplant checkup in September.

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