Wednesday, September 26, 2012

26 September 2012


Today Jeremy went to hospital for a bone density scan, a pulmonary function test, an eye checkup and to see the bone marrow transplant doctor.

For his bone density scan, he lay on this bed and the machine moved slowly down his body taking a scan of his skeleton, which the operator printed out and gave to him as a souvenir!

For his pulmonary function test, he sat in this box with a peg on his nose and blew really hard and long into the purple mouthpiece.  The test measures the total volume of air inside his lungs.  He was allowed to keep the peg and mouthpiece afterwards!

Thank God that:
  • his growth is good
  • his 3-year blood results are good
  • his lungs are good
  • his eyes are good (even better than mine with glasses on!)
  • the bone marrow transplant doctor wants to see Jeremy again in a year, instead of 6 months.

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