Friday, February 5, 2010

5 February 2010


We are thankful that Jeremy is so full of energy each day. Originally we had thought we would only send him to school part time - either half days or a few days a week - and the teacher knows to telephone us if he is tired so we can take him home. However, he bounces to school every morning and is still bouncing when we pick him up in the afternoon. Then he comes home and plays with Stephanie, and (if it is early enough) races down the hill to meet BaBa on his way home.

We have also noticed that he is chatting and singing more since he started kindy - his speech and vocab have improved, and he is keen to teach us the new songs that he learns in class. He is relishing his freedom after having been confined in a hospital room for months and then isolated at home! Praise God that he is enjoying school so much!

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