Tuesday, September 21, 2010

21 September 2010

T+371 or 53 weeks

For us, today was a day tinged with sadness. This morning Jeremy went to hospital for a spine X-ray to check the health of his bones, and a hearing checkup. Although it will be some time before we know the results of his X-ray, unfortunately our suspicions that Jeremy has some hearing loss have now been confirmed.

When he was tested in August last year, his hearing was "perfect". Now he has high frequency hearing loss, which means that he cannot hear high-pitched sounds. Thankfully, his low and middle frequency hearing is normal and also he does not need to have a hearing aid. The bone marrow transplant follow-up nurse told us that it is common for the antibiotic Gentamicin and TBI to cause hearing loss, but that it should have arrested and will not become any worse. However, he needed Gentamicin to fight the severe Gram Negative infections that he had pre/post/during transplant. He will have another hearing checkup in 4 months' time.

While we are sad about this, we are still so thrilled that our little boy is in remission and is running around very happy and active. Putting things into perspective, this is just a minor side-effect of all the toxic treatment that he has been through - and thanks to God, he actually made it through!

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