Sunday, September 5, 2010

5 September 2010

T+355 - Happy Father's Day!

We were pleased to watch Jeremy and Stephanie performing their Father's Day items in church with their Sunday School friends. Jeremy's Infants Assembly were very cute as they sang this song with lots of actions -

Sometimes good things happen, God is there
Sometimes bad things happen, God is there too
Good or bad, happy or sad
I know that God is there

However, when it was time to pick up Jeremy from Sunday School, his teacher told us that Jeremy had been very tired in class. He also felt warm to the touch, but insisted that he wanted to go out to eat Tomato Rice and Crunchy for lunch. He was very drowsy in the car on the way to lunch, but brightened up amazingly when his meal arrived! He ate lots of Tomato Rice, a little bit of Crunchy, and then munched happily on prawn chips which PawPaw had bought for him.

He was 38.7 degrees when we came home, however his temperatures came down quickly with Panadol and he wanted to play (and not nap) this afternoon. Unfortunately, at dinnertime he started shivering - he had spiked another fever and just wanted to sleep (and not eat).

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