Sunday, March 22, 2009

21 March 2009

The highlight for today was going to see Circus Quirkus. Jeremy was offered free tickets by one of the nurses at Westmead. It turned out to be a very special treat, as it is a non-animal circus, and therefore particularly suitable for sick kids.

There was a happy clown who did lots of funny tricks, a juggler that could bounce/juggle up to 7 balls, and lots of dazzling acrobatics. 2 fairies tumbled around the stage in unison, whilst the Zim brothers - 3 acrobatic men - performed many astounding feats of acrobatics. One man stood on top of another, who stood on the 3rd man, and they toppled over and landed safely in a tumble roll. Another man juggled a slightly built lady with his feet, doing somersaults and tumbling over and over. Finally there was a "hula-hoop lady" who managed to do acrobatics whilst hanging from a metal hoop suspended high off the stage.

The kids had a great time at the show and have even managed to write thank you letters/drawings to the sponsors.

In other news... Jeremy is starting to receive a reduced dose of steroids. Hopefully this will mean he becomes less prone to the roid-rage, suffers less attacks of the munchies, and manages to sleep better overnight (and allow the rest of us to sleep through).

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