Monday, March 9, 2009

9 March 2009

Today, Jeremy and Eleanor went to hospital for his Monday chemo injection. However, the clinic was very busy and, although he had an 11am appointment, he did not have his injection until after 2pm.

Jeremy has been unwilling to use his right arm since his central line was put in. Today the doctor decided that it needed further investigation, and Jeremy was sent to have an X-ray of his right shoulder to see if there was a fracture. However, as this X-ray did not show any fracture, the doctor sent him back to have another X-ray of both shoulders. As this second X-ray was also inconclusive, he was then seen by an orthopaedic doctor who thought that Jeremy might have an infection in his bone. However, Jeremy did not have a fever, which is the first sign of an infection! At 4.30pm, Jeremy was told to come back to hospital tomorrow morning and see another doctor at the orthopaedic clinic.

As it was very late notice, the Leukaemia Foundation was unable to provide transport to the hospital for tomorrow (they were able to drive Jeremy and Eleanor back home afterwards). Thankfully, after a few phone calls, a friend from church kindly offered to drive them to hospital in the morning!

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