Sunday, March 29, 2009

29 March

Saturday was the first time in some time that we felt things were starting to get back to a degree of normality. On Sunday, Jeremy was quite well behaved and managed to sit through service. We even got to go out for a quick lunch - but later, we were brought back to reality.

After having a quiet/rest period in the afternoon, Jeremy came out and wanted to sit with his Baba for a bit. However, he felt quite warm to the touch. The first temperature reading was 37.85 at which point we attemped to take his clothes off. After some protesting and discussion, we did another reading which read 37.60

We called the hospital, who advised that we should come in and be prepared to stay. So we did, and after some more observation (and waiting) at hospital, we were advised that they were going to start 48hrs of Antibiotics.

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