Friday, June 12, 2009

12 June 2009

It’s been over a week in hospital, and Jeremy is still spiking fevers on a regular basis each day. At least his recent fevers have not been as high as when he was admitted, and they now respond to Panadol. He is still on antibiotics, and had to have another platelet transfusion and red blood cell transfusion today. His white blood cell count is very low, and his neutrophils are non-existent! His appetite has gone, and it is difficult to tempt him to eat anything. According to the doctors, this is all to be expected after being given high dose chemo!

However, when he is afebrile, he is happy to go for little walks inside the hospital and to attend hospital playgroup on Wednesday and Thursday this week. He even came to the parents’ craft morning on Tuesday! We know when a fever is starting, because he begins to shake and say “I’m cold, I’m cold”. We also know when he is feeling better, because he is cheeky to the nurses and chatty again.

Ken is going to spend tonight and tomorrow night with him, and this afternoon we were thrilled to see him gobble up the food that he had “ordered” Ken to cook for him! Hopefully, he will keep up this eating pattern for the rest of the weekend and beyond!

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