Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 June 2009

Praise God! The doctor rang this afternoon with good news! Jeremy's blast cell count has come down to 3-4% on an initial examination with the microscope, so technically he is in remission (under 5% is classified as remission). Jeremy will be admitted to hospital tomorrow for the start of another course of the same high dose chemo, which means a week of Mitozantrone (blue Smurf chemo!) and Cytarabine as an inpatient, followed by 2 weeks of Vincristine and Asparaginase as a clinic outpatient. The doctor also expects him to be admitted again to hospital during those 2 weeks for a fever. Hopefully, after his fever goes away and his counts come up again, he will have a bone marrow transplant.

To God be the glory for His wonderful healing hand upon Jeremy!

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Kirby said...

Dear Ken, Eleanor, Stephanie and Jeremy,

That is wonderful news. Thank God for His gracious and almighty healing hand!

We have been praying at home for Jeremy and your family. We prayed for Jeremy as a congregation at South-West CCC in Kingsgrove on Sunday and this is wonderful news. Thank you for sharing that on your blog.

Kirby and Susan Wong (Kingsgrove SWCCC)