Sunday, June 21, 2009

21 June 2009

The past few days have been filled with terrible sadness, as Ken and I try to come to terms with what the bone marrow transplant doctor told us. We wanted to share this with you, and also to ask for your prayers for a miraculous healing of our little boy.

On Thursday and Friday, the bone marrow transplant doctor met with us and spoke honestly about Jeremy's prognosis. He told us that -

- Jeremy's peculiar type of ALL has been extremely resistant to standard chemo (eg. his Day 79 bone marrow aspirate still had 69% blast cells, when he should have had almost 0%)

- Jeremy will have another bone marrow aspirate in a few weeks' time when his blood counts recover, and then probably another course of chemo followed by another bone marrow aspirate

- If there are still too many blast cells in these next 2 bone marrow aspirates, this means that Jeremy's leukaemia is growing faster than his good bone marrow cells and a bone marrow transplant will not be able to cure him

- Even if his blast cells come down to almost 0%, there are significant risks involved in the bone marrow transplant process and he may not be cured or even survive

- The bone marrow transplant team will do all they can in working towards Jeremy having a bone marrow transplant, but in the end it will depend on his body's response to the previous and the next round of chemo

We know that our God is a good and loving God, and we pray that in His mercy He will completely cure Jeremy.

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Unknown said...

Our hearts and prayers go out to you. Your faith and strength is a true witness. Love and blessings (Michelle Zwar - St Thomas's playgroup)