Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18 August 2009

Jeremy went back to hospital yesterday - he had to go early as he had a diagnostic lumbar puncture under general anaesthetic. He was such a good boy in the morning - he already knew he was not allowed to eat, and did not make any fuss.

He recovered well from his lumbar puncture, and did not appear to be cranky, but happily ate some food. He also started on a new combination of chemo drugs which took about 10 hours to administer. Thankfully, they were allocated a room in Camperdown Ward.

At the moment he is still very active and cheeky, and he tries to go to the playground outside as much as possible when he is not hooked up to his chemo.

We met with the bone marrow transplant doctor this afternoon, who confirmed that Jeremy is still on track for his bone marrow transplant on 7 September 2009. However, he has decided that instead of 4 days of TBI, Jeremy will now have 3 days of TBI followed by a day of chemo Etoposide which will further clean out his bone marrow. Although his MRD is still "high" at 1%, the doctor expected this and hopes that his current course of chemo will lower this further.

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sallyb said...

Hi Ken - best of luck for Jeremy's upcoming treatments. I'm heading off on my travels after next week but will keep checking in on you guys via this blog. my thoughts are with you all.
best wishes