Monday, August 31, 2009

31 August 2009

Jeremy was most upset this morning when he woke from his "special medical sleep" with a nasogastric tube up his nose and down his throat! But by the afternoon, he seemed to be getting used to it and is tolerating his new nasogastric feeds. At the moment, the nasogastric feeds are just a supplement, and he is also eating using his mouth.

The doctors have found that Jeremy's fevers are caused by an ESBL bug (a bug in his gut), and have changed his antibiotics accordingly. After his antibiotics were changed, he experienced higher fevers and about 15-20 minutes of rigors - apparently this meant that the bug was reacting to the new antibiotics and that the new antibiotics are working! He has also been moved from a shared room to a single room because of the bug, but is still in Camperdown Ward.

The bone marrow transplant doctor decided today to postpone Jeremy's bone marrow transplant from 7 September to 14 September, to allow him a week to recover from his fevers. So instead of TBI and the chemo Etoposide this week, Jeremy will have TBI and Etoposide next week - for the rest of this week, he will be continue his course of antibiotics to fight the bug.

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