Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 September 2009

Jeremy didn't need any general anaesthetic for his 2 TBI sessions today! He was also feeling well enough after his TBI to go home on Gate Pass for dinner tonight (and yesterday night too!). We had expected him to stay in hospital once TBI started, but the doctors and nurses are very keen for him to enjoy as much time out of hospital as possible and have been very accommodating!

We are really thankful that he is feeling much better after these radiation sessions. On Wed night, he had spewed in the car on the way home, had watery/glassy eyes, and wasn't quite his usual self. Today (Thu), he had to have some blood products (immunoglobulin), which the nursing staff managed to get done between radiation sessions. But when he is home, Jeremy is so happy and cheerful, he just brightens up and has an amazing amount of energy for play.

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