Saturday, September 26, 2009

26 September 2009

Friday night was a really tough night for Jeremy.

He had slept most of Friday because he was having high fevers >40 degrees. During the evening and overnight, his blood pressure dropped. He was given 2 fluid boluses (bolii?). A fluid bolus is basically saline given intravenously. They attempted to increase his blood pressure by putting more fluid into his system. The first one worked for about an hour or so, by the time they gave the second one, they were warning me that there was a remote possibility that we could have ended up in ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

The nurses performed observations on Jeremy once an hour throughout the whole night. This was checking things such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, checking his colour, feeling his feet to see if they were cold and checking the circulation there. As Jeremy had a fever for most of the night, he was also quite cranky, and demanded that I put the thermometer in, or that I put the bp cuff on. There was much prayer and anguish. Thankfully, we were not required to move up to ICU.

Saturday was a better day for Jeremy. Yesterday he had slept through the chance to play with the play therapist. Today, he got a surprise visit from Mummy and Stephanie. He really brightened up with their visit. It was really good timing as they were also able to assist moving rooms. We have made it into one of the specific transplant rooms in Camperdown Ward. This is in a quieter wing, and is closer to the nurses area, so they should be able to keep a better eye on Jeremy overnight (which we earnestly hope and pray is not required!!).

He has had some tummy aches, and his nasogastric feeds have been reduced accordingly. He has started TPN (feeds via IV) tonight to make up for the shortfall. Let's hope we both get a better sleep tonight - he has already got a good headstart on me :)

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Unknown said...

Jeremy, you are such a tough soldier! We'll keep praying for you. Hope you feel better tonight!
Hope you both sleep better....