Monday, September 28, 2009

27 September 2009


Jeremy vomited twice last night, and combined with all the rumblings in his stomach, prompted the nurses to discontinue his nasogastric feeds. He was placed on TPN, so all his nutritional requirements are delivered via IV. He does have a very large number of lines connected to him now, and I have been constantly asked to adjust his singlet and move his lines to make it more comfortable for him.

Jeremy appeared a lot better, and when I started up the laptop, he demanded to play some games. He played a while before asking me to help him, so we ended up playing 2 games together, then he decided he wanted to watch some of the Land Before Time videos. He watched 2 of these before falling asleep. During this time, his temperature dropped below 38 degrees!

After Mummy and Stephanie arrived, he brightened up and summoned enough energy to play a monkey game that the play therapist had left him. He also managed to wrestle with his sister, before deciding that he wanted his bed clear of other people!

As his stomach did not seem to be very happy, they switched him over to an intravenous version of panadol, and this managed to keep his temperature down.

Sunday night, he had a bit of a nosebleed around midnight. Thankfully, they had some platelets that matched and were available for Jeremy to use. His nosebleed was not a big one, but he did spew up some blood later. We are also very thankful that despite having high fevers (41 degrees), his blood pressure was stable and he did not require any fluid bolus overnight.

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