Monday, September 14, 2009

14 September 2009

One of the things that we had been expecting (and half dreading), was the move around the corner. Most of the transplant patients are kept in the first 4 rooms, which located in a separate corridor.

Early this morning, the transplant team were still considering what to do/where to move us (I had been asking them the last few days in order to prepare for the move). Later this morning, we finally found out that they decided we were going to stay in the same room! For a number of reasons, they decided against a cascade of moves (the ward was pretty full), and so we had to vacate our room for a bit over an hour whilst the cleaners did a big clean-up. PawPaw even saw the cleaners changing the curtains in the room, and we noticed that some of the ceiling grot that I pointed out to the nurses had been finally cleaned.

Ultimately, we are happy and relieved/thankful to be remaining in Camperdown ward. The room might be slightly noisier than in the other wing, but its not so far a walk to the amenities (parents room and facilities).

The play therapists are going to play a bigger role in his everyday activities. They will create a personalised sign for Jeremy to decorate his door. They will also create a bunch of posters to personalise the room for Jeremy. His current favourite cartoon is The Land Before Time (think of a bunch of young herbivorous dinosaurs running away from carnivores).

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