Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 April 2010


Thank God for a wonderful sunny day for Jeremy's first and Stephanie's last Easter Hat Parade! This meant that it was held outside on the astro turf, rather than cramming all of Infants and their parents and grandparents and friends inside the school hall (which was the plan because the weather forecast had predicted showers all week).

Stephanie and Jeremy were very excited about decorating their hats last weekend (glue guns are great!), and they both had a basket of gummy bunnies to share with their class friends after the parade. It was a fun way to end Term 1 of school!

Just before the parade started, the doctor rang with the great news that Jeremy's immune system is "good for someone who is 6 months post transplant", although it is not back to normal yet. He can start having his childhood vaccinations, and the doctor will give us a timetable for these injections. He can stop taking Bactrim, so now he is down to one medication twice a day - his anti-viral tablets, which he will need to swallow for another 6 months or so. We will find out about his allergies soon.

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