Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 April 2010


Easter Monday turned out to be a busy day for us - it started very early thanks to 2 hungry children! Without much effort, we were out of the house before 7.30am! At this time of morning, it was easy to get parking down at Bunnings (which opened at 7am), and we didn't even have to walk past the bbq-man (they were only getting ready at that time). The children loved the mini-trolleys that were there - they raced around and around and around with them, and then played chasings as it was still quite empty.

When we finished, we had plenty of time to go to the local shops for a spot of shopping before going home for an early lunch. Jeremy was particularly energetic (and hungry) today, and also seems to be getting taller - maybe he is in the midst of a growth spurt ...

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