Monday, April 12, 2010

12 April 2010


Jeremy left home at 8.30am this morning to go to hospital for his special medical sleep. However, it wasn't until 12.30pm that he was able to "sleep" and then he was only able to break his fast when he woke up at 1.10pm. Despite being very hungry all morning, he was happy to play chasings with another little girl who was waiting at clinic.

Clinic was very chaotic and crowded today - perhaps because of the school holidays, or maybe because it was a general anaesthetic day - but it was good to be able to catch up with other parents and to see other cancer kids for whom we have been praying.

Jeremy's bone marrow aspirate went without complications, and we will hopefully know the results in a week or so.

Although we had requested that his first set of vaccinations (Infanrix Hexa and Prevenar) be given under general, somehow this did not happen and so the nurse had to stick Jeremy with 2 needles before he went home (which he did not appreciate at all!). He will have his next set of vaccinations in about 4-6 weeks' time.

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