Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 May 2010


Jeremy went to hospital clinic today, but did not have his immunisations or Fluvax because of his snuffy nose and cough. Instead he was subjected to an NPA (Nasopharyngeal Aspiration) - or in other words, a thin tube shoved up his nose and some snot vacuumed out of each nostril. The snot is then sent for cultures to see if they can identify a virus and then prescribe some medicine to treat it. Needless to say, NPAs are not Jeremy's favourite procedure!

Jeremy fell asleep on the way home from clinic, and when we got home he was shaking and feverish (39.7 degrees!). He was given Panadol and went to sleep. About half an hour later, he woke up wanting to eat popcorn and iceblocks and play computer - both good signs - but he was still febrile. The doctor told us that we should give him Panadol on a regular basis, and that he would call us if anything is grown from the NPA.

Thankfully, as he no longer has a central line, there is no need to admit him as soon as he has a fever - he can just recover from a virus at home like the rest of us!

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