Friday, May 14, 2010

14 May 2010


Jeremy was still highly febrile, and had coughing fits which ended up with him vomiting out what little he ate. A telephone call to Camperdown Ward in the evening resulted in us having to "bring him in", even though nothing had grown from Wednesday's NPA and he doesn't have a central line.

Poor Jeremy was not pleased about being woken up and carted off to hospital, where he was subjected to a chest X-ray and another NPA (this time to test for whooping cough). He also had a canula inserted into his left hand. He and Mummy spent the night in the Emergency Department, where Mummy slept on 2 chairs. Thankfully, he was in one of the Emergency isolation rooms - it would have been much more difficult to sleep in the general area with all the noise, lights and coughing out there!

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