Monday, May 17, 2010

15 May 2010

T+242 or 8 months post transplant!

As Jeremy still had high fevers overnight, the bone marrow transplant team decided to start him on 1st line antibiotics as a precautionary measure while they waited for the results of the various blood tests etc.

He was much happier when BaBa and Stephanie came to visit him in Emergency, and brought a delicious lunch of chicken and chippies. It was good to see him eating a few bites of lunch, since he hadn't been able to keep anything down on Friday.

Later that afternoon, he was transferred to Variety Ward where he was given the sole use of a shared room there. Mummy was thankful for a sofa bed to sleep on, and we all were thankful when his temperatures finally dropped back to normal around 11pm - even with Panadol, he had still been febrile during the past few days.

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