Sunday, December 13, 2009

13 December 2009


Jeremy declined to partake of any nutritious foods, preferring to spend his energy eating ice blocks again. However, we did manage to interest him in drinking soy milk today when we grabbed his attention with some strawberry flavoured drink powder. They both drank 2 glasses of soy milk in double quick time!

He was a bit warmer than usual today, but he was still very happy and keen on doing his online farming and fishing, as well as ordering people to play wii with him.

Jeremy's nasogastric tube was almost ripped out of his nose when he was play wrestling with us, but he was very good about it and calmly drank a glass of water while we pushed it back into his nostril. Thankfully, when we tested it with litmus paper, we found that the end of his tube is back in his stomach where it should be!

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