Monday, December 21, 2009

21 December 2009


Yesterday evening we heard Jeremy calling out "Mum! Mum!", so we went into his room to find that his nasogastric tube had leaked onto his pillow and sheets. His tube must have got caught somehow while he was sleeping, but fortunately it hadn't leaked onto the floor. We are thankful that this was the first time that it had leaked since Jeremy has been home - when he was in hospital, it had been common for his tube to disconnect from his nasogastric feed bag, and for us to wake up in the middle of the night with his feeds dripping down the side of his bed and making big puddles on the floor!

This morning Stephanie and Jeremy had an energetic game of hide and seek at Big Swing Park, where there are many tall trees to hide behind and lots of space to run around and chase each other.

Jeremy's appetite was a little better today - almost 2 slices of bread with ham (minus the crusts) for lunch, and 3 slices of bread with ham (minus the crusts) and a lebanese cucumber for dinner!

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