Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9 December 2009


Jeremy went to hospital clinic for a checkup today. His blood counts are stable, and the doctor is amazed at how well Jeremy looks. The doctor reminded us that the average length of hospital admission for an unrelated cord blood transplant is 12 weeks - praise God that Jeremy is recovering so quickly!

Jeremy was keen to get involved in making meatballs for dinner - his job was first to select, then to shake herbs and spices into a bowl, which he did very enthusiastically. However, once again, when he was served the finished product, he could only manage a tiny nibble.

Ken and I are still sleep-deprived - sometimes it feels like we have a newborn baby again! Jeremy's nasogastric feeds are running overnight, so his body is processing nearly a litre of fluids while he is asleep. As he is connected to his Kangaroo Pump, he is unable to take himself to the toilet at nights. Although he wears a nappy at nighttime, he doesn't want to wet his nappy and calls out to Mummy - who comes running with a bottle so that he can relieve himself. This happens at least 3 times every night!

And the little man gets very upset if BaBa appears in the middle of the night instead of Mummy ...

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