Saturday, December 5, 2009

4 December 2009


Jeremy has been playing on the computers, and taken an interest in some of the facebook games that Stephanie has been playing.

Food is not currently on his "radar", however, he now appears to be happier to drink water using his mouth. We aim to get 1.5L of fluids into Jeremy each day - Overnight feeds account for ~1L, which means 500ml to be done during the day.

When Jeremy is reluctant to drink orally, we have to use the pump to put it down his nasogastric tube. The overnight feeds run at 65ml per hour (very slowly), though we can run plain water through at around 200-250ml per hour (depends on the boy and his stomach). That means a small cup of 100ml would take ~30mins of being tied up to the machine. If it goes in too quickly, it will come back out very quickly, and we get an upset boy as a bonus.

Anyway, we are very pleased that he is happier to drink from a cup and therefore rely less on the pump. We are just waiting for appetite to return.

I noticed that today is T+80 - You could go around the world in eighty days...

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