Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23 December 2009


Wednesday is currently the nominated day of Jeremy's weekly checkup at hospital clinic. Today was the first opportunity for a healthy (non-coughing) Stephanie to accompany Jeremy on this weekly excursion out of the house. The children were pleased and excited at the opportunity to go out together. They were even more delighted when they received a pretty gingerbread house (which they can't eat) and some toys from the staff at clinic!

We continue to thank God that the doctor is happy with Jeremy's blood counts and progress. The results of last week's immune function test showed that Jeremy's immunity is slowly improving. It will take at least another 3 months for it to recover enough for him to have all his childhood immunisations repeated, so at the moment he is still much at risk of easily catching infections/viruses and needs to remain at home in isolation.

We were glad that Jeremy's blood electrolyte levels were good today, because we had given him water last night instead of nasogastric feeds and did not know how it would affect his levels. The doctor suggested that we do the same this week (ie. replace his nasogastric feeds with water for 2 nights) and again watch to see whether his appetite increases.

In this regard, he seems to be asking for food more often and actually eating what he asks for. On the menu again was white bread with ham (no crusts), "crunchy" and lebanese cucumber!

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