Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 July 2009

The blood samples taken from both of Jeremy's lines have grown something, meaning it is likely to be a bacterial infection. This is of some comfort, as last time around they did not grow anything and could not explain the fevers. However, this means that he is likely to stay for at least a week. Thankfully, he has started to respond to panadol this time, but his fever is still coming and going during the day. It spiked around 39.8 degrees. This meant the doctors have decided to hold off on his chemo treatment for the time being to allow him to stabilise.

Jeremy had a platelet transfusion earlier today, and was due to have red blood pack (haemoglobin) tonight.

He had a blood test done today (coags), and it came back with irregular results. This was repeated in the afternoon, with the same result (2 needles in the arm makes for a grumpy little boy). They will repeat this test tomorrow (Thu).

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