Wednesday, July 22, 2009

22 July 2009

Jeremy had another nose bleed today. His platelets were low, but it started when the nurse put a little tube up his nose to take a snot sample. Thankfully, it was not as dramatic as his first nose bleed, and stopped by itself after a few minutes. He had a platelet transfusion shortly afterwards.

This morning, Jeremy wanted to sit up and play playdoh! This was encouraging, because previously he only wanted to lie on his bed and either watch TV or sleep. He was also pleased when Ken brought him some lunch which he had specially ordered!

Jeremy and Ken moved rooms again tonight! They are still in Camperdown Ward, but have moved to a room of their own (it is a shared room, but noone is in the other bed) because apparently something has grown from Jeremy's poo sample. Hopefully, we will know more tomorrow when Ken talks to the doctor.

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