Friday, July 24, 2009

23 July 2009

Jeremy's counts have been recovering, and the doctors decided to restart one of the chemo drugs today. Thankfully, we were not moved today, but managed to stay as the sole occupant of a (small) double room.

Jeremy is still having fevers, and feeling quite lethargic. As such, he did not want to eat much at all (he opted out of dinner). He ended up getting the nurses to change his bed multiple times. Late in the evening, he managed to have a big vomit in his bed. No pizza was found, but I did see & smell blueberry yoghurt he had eaten at lunch, even though it was only 3 spoonfuls! Even later again, his nappy leaked diarrhea into the bed. On the bright side, the nurses were kinda sympathetic, and at least for Jeremy - the night was a case of "better out than in!".

Although I specifically asked to speak to one of the senior doctors, we missed out today. However, I did speak to one of the dieticians and we had a pretty good chat about things. Thankfully, they managed to find some "enhanced" drinks suitable for Jeremy to try out (which is difficult given his allergies).

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