Thursday, July 16, 2009

16 July 2009

Daniel and I visited Jeremy today. Jeremy was really pleased to see him, and made the effort to sit up, as he had been asking for "Sook Sook's special chicken wings". He was also willing to drink some special soy smoothie that Daniel prepared for him. He didn't drink that much - maybe 20mls, but something is better than nothing at this stage, considering he only nibbles on food like a small mouse.

Jeremy is still suffering from a fever (over 39 degrees). We think this might be making his skin more sensitive, as now he is agitated by his nappy and is quite tender (he complains "OW!" when we help lift him up).

He is still spending most of his time sleeping/resting. The chemo is still being delayed until he recovers more. His blood test was repeated, and they have determined that it was due to some antibody being present. When they retested with a different procedure, they determined that the coags results were okay.

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