Friday, July 24, 2009

24 July 2009

Friday was a changeover day. This turned out to be quite good timing as I took a few things home. Not long after I had left, Eleanor was informed that they were moving rooms again!

We managed to have a good chat with the doctor. Jeremy's blood counts have been recovering well, and whilst he still has fevers, they seem to be improving. Our concern now is that he has lost a fair amount of body weight. He has a stomach bug (Giardia), which is causing loss of appetite, so he is on drugs for that. He is also on anti-nausea drugs, and something else to help alleviate his tummy aches. For the time being, they have started putting nutrition through his lines.

When we were first admitted to hospital, Jeremy would (naturally) be reluctant to eat when he had a fever, but now he has a tummy bug, we are seeing that he doesn't want to eat at all. It has been very difficult to sit here and watch him slowly waste away, and therefore I am glad to see something finally being done to support his body until he regains his appetite.

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