Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28 July 2009

The weekend passed uneventfully, with no more changing of rooms and no blood transfusions required. Jeremy has gradually been recovering his cheekiness, and has been sitting up and playing with cooking toys and Duplo. His tummy doesn't seem to hurt as much. He has also been asking for food and eating it by himself, instead of us trying to feed him - but he is still only eating tiny portions.

Yesterday (Monday), he went for a walk outside to the hospital playground - this was his first time going for a walk since he had been admitted 2 weeks ago!

Today, Jeremy went (on Ken's shoulders!) to radiation oncology in the adults hospital to be measured and to have a CT scan of his lungs - this is in preparation for his radiotherapy treatment later down the track. The radiation oncology team were very impressed that he lay still watching a DVD for the whole time! Hopefully he will be just as good when he has the actual radiation!

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