Wednesday, July 29, 2009

29 July 2009

Today was the last needle in the bottom for this block of chemo. Jeremy has been very tolerant of his treatment in the past, but he is really getting sick of these needles.

2 things are preventing the doctors from allowing Jeremy home. 1. He is still suffering from low grade fevers of about 38 degrees (the doctors have not managed to determine the cause of this) 2. He needs to eat and drink a lot better - his current efforts are not enough to sustain him.

Something that cannot be measured is that we can see that Jeremy is beginning to be feeling better - this has started over the past couple of days. He is becoming more energetic/lively, is starting to be cheeky again, and is beginning to eat a little more (He managed a quarter of a weetbix for breakfast, and then was happy to eat 2 pappadums). For us, it is of great comfort and encouragement to see him returning to his old self.

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