Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 October 2009


Jeremy had a fitful sleep last night. It was the first night that he has not had any morphine infusing as baseline pain relief. Hopefully, he will be able to sleep better tonight, without requiring any shots of morphine. This has been a gradual process of downgrading his morphine levels/weaning him off the drug.

Tonight, when they change the lines, they will be taking down the TPN as well. They have been steadily increasing his nasogastric feeds since reinsertion, and it should be back at full volume tonight, so this will allow him to get off the intravenous feeds (TPN). If he manages to stay off the TPN, then the triple pump will be replaced with a single pump (his IV stand is then going to get smaller!). Less machines and less cumbersome to move around.

The BMT team came by this morning, and were happy with his progress, but are still concerned about his cough and runny nose. Jeremy no longer coughs when he is asleep, but does have a bit of a cough when he wakes up. Likewise, he tends to do a lot more sniffling as soon as he wakes up. We have politely pointed out that the sniffles only appeared after the nasogastric tube was inserted, but the doctors were unwilling to rule out a viral infection, even after their tests were done. Please continue to pray that his cough and runny nose go away quickly, and that he does not have a respiratory/viral illness.

Jeremy's white cell counts have been slowly improving each day, but there is still a long way to go.

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