Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7 October 2009


Forgot to mention that over the long weekend, they decided to start reducing Jeremy's background morphine levels. As he has been on morphine for about 3 weeks, they are reducing the levels gradually. Sometimes he needs a few "boosts", especially when they did their thing with the nasogastric tube.

His mouth still has some sores, but the doctor told us they have been there for a little while and are getting better. After the tube was back in yesterday, the feeds have restarted, and hopefully this kick starts his stomach and gets him eating again. His cough is still keeping him (and us!) awake at nights.

Today, he was happy to get out of bed and play at a little table and chair in his room, where he put generous amounts of paint on a plaster dinosaur and 2 dinosaur pictures. He then had a good time with the play therapist - colourful painting with marbles, and making shapes out of special clay. And he also wanted to practice his playstation car rallying skills!

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