Thursday, October 15, 2009

15 October 2009

T+30 (One month today!)

The dermatologist came to do a skin biopsy this morning. Jeremy was a very brave boy, and had to lay very still while they carved out a skin sample from his foot. He was given some cream to numb the area, then some local anaesthetic as well as happy gas. He now has his foot bandaged, and the dressing will be changed daily by the nurses. We anticipate that the results won't be available until next week.

After his biopsy, Dr KonKon and Stephanie arrived. They were able to play together with some lego zoo pieces and (of course!) dinosaurs!

Jeremy has managed to start eating again, and today it seems his eyes were bigger than his stomach. He ate toast and tuna at lunch, probably too much, as he ended up regurgitating some of it.

It seems that after his spew, his cough started getting worse. He still has the occasional sniffle. Thank you to everyone for praying for Jeremy daily. Please also continue to pray that his cough and nose clear up quickly, and that he does not have a respiratory/viral illness.

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