Saturday, October 17, 2009

17 October 2009


Jeremy had a fever at 6:30am this morning. This meant no gate pass! A blood culture was taken, and they started on first line antibiotics. His temperature was up again (over 38 degrees) at 4pm, coming down with some panadol, but by 8pm had breached 38 degrees again.

Although Jeremy was greatly disappointed, we are thankful that he was still energetic and managed to watch some TV, DVDs, as well as play on the playstation. We continue to be thankful that his white cell blood counts have improved each day (the growth is being boosted by the GCSF). We are still waiting for the platelets and haemoglobin counts to recover, as it takes longer for the bone marrow to recover/start producing them. He had a platelet transfusion today, and it is possible that he might require red blood cells tomorrow or Monday.

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