Thursday, October 8, 2009

8 October 2009


Thank God that the doctors are happy with Jeremy's progress. We had our weekly meeting with the bone marrow transplant team today, and they are pleased that his new bone marrow has started to engraft.

However, they were a bit concerned that his persistent cough and a recent sniffle may be symptoms of a respiratory illness. If his "runny nose" has not been caused by the reinsertion of the nasogastric tube, but is actually a respiratory symptom, he will be moved out of Camperdown Ward to Variety Ward. Variety Ward is where the oncology patients with infectious illnesses go, because it has special isolation rooms with air conditioning that vents straight outside. We were very upset when they told us that we were going to move today (even though he had not yet tested positive to a respiratory illness), but fortunately there was not a spare isolation room in Variety Ward!

He also spiked a fever this afternoon, and was feeling quite out of sorts.

Please pray that he does not have a respiratory illness and that his cough and nose clear up ASAP! And please pray that God's mighty healing hand will continue to protect and look after Jeremy. Thank you.

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