Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14 October 2009


The dermatologist came and examined Jeremy's rash, which is all over his body. However, he has ordered a skin biopsy for tomorrow before he makes a definite diagnosis. Apparently a skin biopsy will involve Emla cream, as well as an injection of local anaesthetic and some happy gas - please pray that Jeremy will be a brave little boy tomorrow!

Jeremy had another platelet transfusion today - at the moment, he seems to be needing a top-up of platelets every second day.

Today was Siblings Day - a special event run by the social work department for siblings of children with long-term illnesses. Stephanie, and about 20 other children her age, went on a tour of the hospital, played games together, and were entertained by the Clown Doctors and a puppet show. It was an exciting day for them to meet other siblings and learn about how the hospital works.

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