Saturday, October 3, 2009

3 October 2009


Yesterday after suffering the trauma of vomiting up his nasogastric tube and having it hang out of his mouth, gagging on it, and just trying to pull at it, Jeremy decided to sleep. He slept most of the afternoon and evening, leaving me worried that he might have a disrupted sleep overnight. Thankfully, he had a good nights sleep, and our night nurse was very careful and minimised the number of times I was woken.

He was a good boy this morning and took his oral medicine. He had refused this last night, and this morning was basically his last chance at delaying the reinsertion of the nasogastric tube. Basically, if he won't take his oral medicine, they will reinsert the tube. Since he is taking the meds, then they will wait until the next time he requires platelets. If Jeremy has started to eat some foods and drink, then they might let him avoid having the tube reinserted. However, the medicines taste foul...

Today, Jeremy was happy to see his mummy, sister and grandfather. There was a short period of respite until had another trauma around lunchtime. One of his central line attachments came loose. There was a bit of blood leakage, and a period of discomfort as all of his lines were changed. Apparently, these 3-way "tap" connectors are prone to coming loose. Blood cultures were taken immediately, just as a precaution.

After his visitors departed, Jeremy decided to go back to sleep. Over the past few days, if he wasn't sleeping, he was probably watching a Land Before Time video :-)

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