Friday, October 2, 2009

2 October 2009

Jeremy had another platelet transfusion this morning. Unfortunately after that, Jeremy had a big spew and vomited out his nasogastric tube. He was most distressed with the tube hanging out his mouth, but has calmed down now and at least his face might not be so itchy from the tape. The doctors have not yet decided when to put the tube back down, and it will depend on how sore his mouth and throat are.

Here are some recent photos - the wonderful life-giving cord blood, Jeremy on his way back from his CT scan (fungogram), and his crazy drip poles!

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Joshua Kuswadi said...

Hi Ken and Eleanor,
We're still praying for you guys. Thanks for the photos, it helps us understand a bit more about what it is you're going through.
Josh, Jo, Tom and Sophie.