Thursday, January 14, 2010

13 January 2010


Praise God that the doctor is so happy with Jeremy's progress that he doesn't want to see him as often! Apart from his 4 month bone marrow aspirate next week, the doctor is now talking about monthly checkups instead of weekly ones.

The doctor is still keen on Jeremy starting Kindy at the end of this month, even though his immune system will not be fully recovered and he will not yet have had any of his childhood immunisations redone. This also means that he will be able to play with his cousins and other little friends (provided that they are not sick), and venture out into the "big wide world" again (taking sensible precautions, of course)!

The dietician is pleased with Jeremy's weight (even though it was down 600gms from last week), and told us to continue alternating between nasogastric feeds and no feeds at nights. She also told us that Jeremy's food restrictions can now be lifted - for Jeremy, this means he can eat tobiko sushi again! He is excited that he can eat "skin" on his fruit and veges too!

Please pray that the results of his bone marrow aspirate next Wednesday 20 January will be free of leukaemia and that he will not get an infection from the procedure.

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